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At IOS Ignite, we indulge in rigorous brainstorming in order to get Brand Activation underway. As part of our Brand Activation efforts, we pay special attention to Content Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Lead Generation & Social Media Marketing initiatives. This is because in a digital age, the need to tap the potential of the internet in order to establish stronger bridges between students and the Educational Institutions cannot be overstated. By creating and marketing content that is in tune with your institution’s offerings, we make your digital presence informative and entertaining at the same time to the relevant student segment that you are catering to. We don’t believe in settling for mediocrity, which is why we won’t stop short of catapulting your online presence right where it belongs – at the very top!

Content Marketing

In order to establish yourself as a thought leader in the Education Sector, it is necessary to regularly publish content both on you blog and social media that showcases your expertise in that domain and is useful to the student fraternity at the same time. That is exactly where IOS Ignite comes into the picture, as your trusted partner-in-excellence to help you achieve your objective of maximizing reach through meaningful, carefully crafted content, published across a range of channels and platforms.

From the positioning line for the College to the Website and Social Media copy; each piece of content is carefully planned to increase excitement and engagement. Great quality content is the stepping stone to top rankings on Search Engines.

I am very happy with the performance of the SEO team at IOS Ignite. We saw a 40% rise in overall admissions and doubled our number of admissions via online.

Dr. Vinay Agarwal, Chancellor, ISBM University







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Our SEO strategists will ensure that the website designs, content and architecture are following the best practices in order to clinch that top spot in search engine results. From keyword research to link building to optimizing core content as well as other aspects like meta tags that will help your site stand out among those of competitors, the SEO strategies will work wonders in terms of increasing online popularity of the brand. The need for the same is unmistakable in an era when more and more school graduates are turning to the internet for choosing their college.

While crafting content for all your digital assets in an SEO-friendly manner, we also ensure that we are not writing for the search engines but for your human users. This is again our jot and tittle approach at work, since we actually invest time and resources in understanding your institute’s value proposition so that we can churn out great content that is not just search engine-friendly but is also tailored to your target audience’s needs.

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Lead Generation

In order to generate leads, we will carry out rigorous online campaigns through means like PPC (pay per click), e-books and whitepapers. By setting up ads around the most relevant keywords, we will ensure that the students are not deprived of the chance to avail top quality education at your esteemed place of learning. Other means of lead generation will also be explored, including offline marketing exercises like hoardings and events which will encourage interested students to enquire about the various programs and courses on offer. The bottom line is that only increasing traffic to the digital assets of the firm is not enough as quality leads must be generated in order for the Institution to expand its base. And that is where you will find our services indispensable.

Generating quality leads in a cost-effective manner is a must.

Anushree Bajaj, COO



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