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At IOS Ignite, we bring dreams to fruition. The dream of ensuring that no Educational Institution loses the opportunity of nurturing a bright mind. For this reason, we are not your conventional internet marketing company. We are not just a digital solutions provider either. It is all of that, and much more. We are a hybrid agency that provides comprehensive solutions for every aspect of branding for Educational Institutions. From creating the perfect bridge between students and the institutions to crafting and amplifying the message sent out to the potential future students, IOS Ignite is the go-to entity for the Branding needs of the quintessential modern-day college. Partnering with us will mean nothing short of outsourcing all your worries.

To be precise, IOS Ignite is the one-stop destination for companies engaged in the art of imparting education. The various facets of Brand Architecture that will be covered by IOS Ignite includes branding, design, strategy development, and everything else in between.


As part of our branding exercise, we will focus on reimagining what your brand has to offer. We will ensure that the brand gets positioned in the minds of the student community in the most favourable manner, so as to highlight not just the functional takeaways like getting access to highly qualified faculty and awe-inspiring placement services but also the emotional benefits of associating oneself with your institution. For we know how much the new generation wants to have a fulfilling 360 degree experience at the campuses rather than just run-of-the-mill education.

IOS Ignite conceptualized our Instagram campaign. Their strategy tremendously helped our marketing efforts. I would like to recommend them for any College seriously considering boosting their digital presence.

Lorri Carroll Layton, Director of Marketing & Outreach, Rutgers University







Blur the edges of your profession. Dabbling in adjacent fields can only deepen your understanding and enrich your work.

Viv Griffiths, Head of Strategy


We strongly believe in the adage that a picture can paint a thousand words. Once you partner with us, you can be rest assured that our designers won’t breathe easy until the visual interface in all forms of marketing communication is top-notch. Be it the images in your digitally enhanced brochure or the look and feel of your website, we take every jot and tittle seriously. And we make sure that the augmented aesthetics give results, in terms of attracting the best minds in the student community to your institution.

Visual Communication plays a vital role in brand recollection and we always take design into account while building strategies for campaigns. Simple, crisp and bold designs is what we love and what we strive to always deliver.

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By strategy, we mean getting down to the nitty gritty of implementing our transformational agenda. Instead of just focusing only on the “what” and “how”, we compel prospective students to understand the “why” behind the raison d’être of your Institution and get inspired by the same. Our strategic think tank will help you identify the strongest elements of your brand, both in terms of its emotional and functional offerings. Whether it is the Campus Infrastructure or the Internationally acclaimed research credentials of a particular department, we will help highlight and build on your strengths. The strategic objective is to increase footfalls to your college by carrying out rigorous Online and Offline campaigns to cement your position as a thought leader in this niche. We employ all the tools in the trade to accomplish this mission, from holding Educational Summits to organizing industry-connect programs in order to maximize reach.

There is only Yes, No and Wow. I get up for wow.

Jay Bagri, Chief Rethink Officer



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