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We’re talking Good to Great!

Chaitanya Bharathi already enjoyed a good reputation in their state and ranked highly for their Engineering program when they approached us. Chaitanya Bharathi Institute of Technology is on a mission to educate and inspire students to be the next generation of engineers, entrepreneurs, leaders and captains of industry. Their goal was simple: to earn national brand recognition. This was a challenge without a content strategy, the tools and training in place for implementation. Thus, IOS Ignite began with developing a content strategy, garnered by strategic public relations, digital, social and other communication channels, to serve as the foundation to grow brand awareness for CBIT outside of the southern region and to give the college a more age appropriate look and feel.

“We decided to work with IOS Ignite based on their knowledge and experience. Then, we discovered their customer service and organized approach was the best we have worked with. Everyone here is impressed.”” Mr. Bhaskar Dasari, marketing director for CBIT.

Our Strategy

Create a recruitment website that speaks directly to the needs of highly driven students who want more than just an engineering degree but a leg up towards a successful career in engineering. At the same time making the current students understand the change and the new look. To improve loyalty and get them to talk about the change that was upon them. After several hours of brainstorming with the team and interviewing alumni, students and prospective students we coined a conversational positioning line.
“We’re talking career defining education”

This line resonated with the college’s legacy and history of churning out successful students and was future proof. Timelines of a college becoming a University is never set in stone. Hence, we needed to position CBIT in a manner that when it did become a University, their positioning wouldn’t require a change. The tagline also spoke of what CBIT truly believed in, career defining education, whether it’s in high school, business school, their current engineering school or a liberal arts school.

Join the Ranks

An important selling point for prospective students and especially their parents is the relationships the College has with Businesses and to establish and reiterate the advantage of the location CBIT enjoys by being in the centre of Hyderabad.

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