Digital Marketing Trends

for Admissions 2019


A Complete Guide to plan your 2019 Admissions Strategy

We’ve come up with a detailed guide on Digital Marketing Trends which will play a key role for the upcoming admission season. This is an exclusive invitation for you to download the limited version copy. The white paper discusses in detail the following issues:

  • General Marketing Trends for Admission Season
  • Website Optimization for Schools & Colleges
  • Search Engine Optimization for Schools & Colleges (local/national/global)
  • Inbound Content Marketing Strategy to generate quality Leads
  • Social Media Trends and Strategy for all platforms (including Whatsapp)
  • Everything about College Listing Platforms
  • Strategies to generate leads from online activities
  • Syncing Offline activities to your online persona.

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    Digital Marketing Trends for Admissions 2019



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