How to

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a traditional university?

Doubling Admissions in two years

ISBM University has over 40 centres across the globe and offers several distance learning courses. To succeed in the distance learning market it is imperative to reach out to your target audience to make them aware of their options. Another major challenge ISBM had to face was from Edutech companies like Udemy and Simplilearn, who offer similar courses and concentrate only on online education. It is no small feat to compete against startups backed by Venture Capitalist funds, with unlimited marketing budgets but that’s what excites us.

“IOSIgnite’s team not only increased the number of leads we were generating online but also made sure that only good, serious students were being targeted. ISBM maintains strict admission policies and I am glad that the team understood and respected the same.” Dr. Vinay Agarwal, Chancellor, ISBM University


The strategy team of IOS Ignite held several Skype meetings with the ISBM think tank based in Mumbai, Bangalore and Raipur. We discussed every jot and tittle and discussed ideas to increase footfalls in the 40+ learning centres which ISBM had. A Google-First approach was chosen for ISBM. Even though our first instinct was to target Facebook, as many distance education course providers do, we refrained from it. Cost of lead generation and conversion is extremely high for distance education players and it would have made little sense for ISBM to spend that kind of money on marketing and allow their revenue to take a hit.

Our team developed white papers which prospective students would be interested in. The topics these white papers dealt with varied from top jobs of 2018 to courses that return the highest ROI in terms of career prospects. Leads generated from these quality white papers cost ISBM less than Rs 50!


Leads Generated: 13,654

Conversions: 1093 Students

ISBM received top upcoming university award in 2018

Analyst and Digital Adwords: Siddharth Mondol


Click here to learn download the whitepaper on Lead Generation Strategies for Admissions 2019



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