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When establishing a new school, there is always the challenge of communicating the uniqueness and relative merits of the new school over the other more established schools of the city. In the case of MM School, we knew we had a great school, with top notch faculty and international-standard facilities. It was now upon us to communicate the same to the parents.

“IOS Ignite’s team has been extremely hands on and has gone above and beyond to help us out, we consider IOS Ignite as our inhouse team and look to them for help and advise.” Mr. Mayur Thourani, Director, MM School


After several meetings with the management, we sat down with a focus groups of parents to understand how they perceive MM School. The distance of the school from the city (15 mins drive) was a major reason for parents to be reluctant to send their children to the school. Hence, distance was surely a topic we would have to address but that alone couldn’t drive admissions to the school. Looking around other similar schools we noticed that everyone was the same and the city of Raipur was ready for something new. So we decided to stick to our strength and MM School’s inclusive philosophy.

We built a campaign around the concept: “Leaders of Tomorrow” – a simple phrase which everyone could understand. We came up with an online and offline campaign around this phrase. We put five hoardings up across the cities most popular and busy spots and put things in perspective, both in terms of our USP and in terms of distance.

A line of merchandise was devised to emphasise our commitment to nurture Leaders of Tomorrow.


Over 400 admissions in the third year of the school. Year 1 they began from 50 students, year 2 this number went up to 150.

MM School’s theme song “Leaders Of Tomorrow” went viral in the city of Raipur and was also taken up as their school song

Concept & Strategy: Upal Roychoudhary
Key Account Manager: Kisholoy Mukerjee
Designer: Srinita Roychoudhary


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