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An Irresistible School Chain

We began work with Strategum when they were only an Education Consultancy. Strategum was in the planning phase of setting up a state-of-the-art 21st century pre-school and K-12 School chain. It was a great opportunity for IOS Ignite’s team to be involved during the planning phase itself. While we were working on Brand Strategum and organized Prinicipal’s Conclave and other events for them, we were also working along with the core team to lay the ground work for the school chain.

“Jay has been personally available and involved with our Brand. I would like to highly recommend IOS Ignites’ team, they truly do work as partners and are always forthcoming with executable ideas.” Mr. Yeshwanth Raj, M.D, Strategum Eduserve


We began with devising the look and feel for the brand and the future schools. Since Strategum was not planning to open a flagship school first but straight take up the franchise root it was imperative to come up with a full proof strategy to protect our franchisee. Strategum’s knowledge of the industry and the reputation they enjoyed surely helped their cause. We first unveiled Playshaala and Euphoria at the International Franchise Exhibition in Delhi and from that point onward there was no looking back.


11 Playshaala franchises were signed up in the first six months in Bangalore, Jamnagar and Raipur.

2 Euphoria K-12 were signed up in the first year.


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