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Digital Employment Marketing Pricing: Recruiting Your Next Employees Online

The business world is moving increasingly toward all things digital, and that includes recruitment. Digital employment marketing — also called digital recruitment marketing — is now essential for companies that want to succeed in modern industries. In 2017, IOS digital employment marketing prices include:

  • Detailed oversight of online recruiting and employment outreach
  • Well-crafted job listings proven to attract qualified applicants
  • A combination of content marketing, PPC advertising, and social media marketing for your brand


Monthly Recruiting Ad Spend

Custom Graphics For Employment Page

Custom Employment Landing Page Design

Number of Job Listings Written

Employment Page Optimized for Search

Initial Keyword Research

Google Analytics Setup

Google Analytics Conversion Tracking

Google Analytics Custom Dashboards

Google PPC Management

Facebook PPC Management (Sponsored, Targeted Updates)

Linkedin.com Paid Advert

LinkedIn Jobs Sponsored Updates

LinkedIn Job Listing Management

Conversion Rate Optimization on Employment Page

Ad campaign copywriting

Ad copy performance testing

Ongoing keyword development and tweaking

Results analysis/reporting

Dedicated account representative

Free Rs. 1,000 AdWords credit to new clients

One time setup (1st month)

Progressive monthly management


INR 5,000

Progressive monthly management

Up To RS. 35,000


Rs. 10,000

Rs. 5,000


INR 10,000

Progressive monthly management

Rs. 35,000-1,00,000


Rs. 15,000

Rs. 10,000

Market  Leader

INR 30,000

Progressive monthly management



Rs. 45,000

Rs. 30,000

Multi College


of ad spend

Progressive monthly management

Rs. 2,00,000+



20% of ad spend

What is digital employment marketing?

In a nutshell, digital employment marketing is promoting your company’s job openings to appeal to lots of qualified applicants. As you can see on our table, you can accomplish this goal through any number of different avenues, depending on what you want for your business. It’s possible that you haven’t heard of digital employment marketing yet, and that’s okay. It’s one of the newest Internet marketing strategies in the industry, and very few companies have taken advantage of its incredible potential for internal growth. The biggest reason is because many companies are afraid that they’ll wind up losing money over the long run if they spend to acquire new hires. To them, it sounds like they’re spending money to find a new employee and spending more once the employee is hired. And if you think about it like that, then it makes sense that so few companies have used digital employment marketing yet. But you can’t judge the results of digital employment marketing by the short-term results. Employment is a long-term investment, and like any long-term investment, it gets better with age. It’s true that you’ll spend money to find a new hire, and then you’ll spend again to pay them to work for you. But hiring a qualified candidate for your business who’s passionate about their career will pay off for your business far more than hiring the first person who applied just because they need any job they can find. Digital employment marketing is about strategically positioning yourself to get every advantage you can when you’re hiring. You want someone who fits the culture of your company who’ll get along with everyone and do a great job in their position. If you don’t market your job openings, you could get stuck with someone who only fulfills one or two of those criteria. After all, you can’t keep a job opening available forever — you’ll lose money just by interviewing unscreened and unqualified candidates. On the other hand, you can make sure you only get screened and qualified candidates by using digital employment marketing. When you use one of these packages from IOS, our talent acquisition specialists target your ideal employee based on criteria that you give us. That way, only people who fit your specifications will see your job opening, and only interested applicants will actually apply. That eliminates a lot of the riffraff that comes with hiring in general, and it drastically reduces the chance that you’ll waste time in an interview. With digital employment marketing, you’re in control of who applies to your company, and you get to choose the best of the best.

How we earn qualified applicants for your business

As mentioned above, IOS’s talent acquisition specialists work with the information you give them to get the best applicants for your job openings. There are three general phases to getting applicants for your business:

  • Creation
  • Reporting
  • Refining

We’ll take a look at what’s involved in each of those phases next.

It all starts with what you want. At the very beginning, you’ll choose the different deliverables that you need to get applications. Those deliverables include new website pages describing your job, eye-catching graphics that illustrate your job, and the number of job listings that you want overall (among others). Once we’ve laid that groundwork together, we’ll work with you to determine the criteria and traits of your ideal new hire for each job. Those criteria include:

  • Location
  • Education
  • Percentage
  • Work history
  • Personal interests
  • And more…

Our team of experts then apply your criteria as best they can to the medium (or media) of your choice. Sometimes that’s a social network like Facebook, but it could also be a search engine like Google or a talent network like Monster. Regardless of how you want to reach new applicants, we’ll make sure you can promote your job opening to qualified parties in no time.

Now that you’re reaching out to new applicants, we’ll keep tabs on how your job listings do on each network. As we said earlier on this page, we can’t judge the ROI of hiring with dollars and cents. Instead, our talent acquisition specialists will look at key performance indicators (KPIs) that show whether or not your ads are effective. These KPIs depend on the medium that you use to reach applicants. For Google AdWords, it may be click-through rate (CTR). For Facebook Ads, it may be impressions. Our team knows the KPIs for each recruiting medium, and they’ll break down where your money goes as thoroughly as possible. Once you have your reports, you’ll be able to see how successful your digital employment marketing has become. The goal is to make every dollar count — just like in regular marketing. So if you’re only spending a few dollars to get one application, you’re doing quite well. Our specialists will then talk with you about possibilities for changing your current recruitment strategy, if needed. They’ll work with you to determine where you want to spend more or less, and they may even have recommendations on new strategies to improve your overall success. Ultimately, it’s up to you what you want to do — it’s your money, after all. But once you’ve determined what you want to do, you move into the final phase of the digital recruitment cycle.

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