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If creating an online presence is a priority for your Institution then having a good website and a digital strategy is a must. However, for both these you require top notch content. Not surprisingly, many agencies have started offering content marketing services, given the huge rise in demand for quality content. The key word here is “quality”. Most agencies do pretty well when it comes to delivering content in large quantities. All it requires is hiring writers who churn out content that ranges from mediocre to outright abysmal.

Content Marketing is not limited to the few blogs that your digital marketing agency publishes on a regular basis filled with ridiculous number of keywords and poor grammar. Content Marketing includes all content published by the institution whether it is your brochure, website or ad copy on Facebook or Billboard. Quality Content increases conversion rate by over 6x.

Don’t settle for toilet content. Fill the form along side to give your content marketing strategy a boost. Our Education Domain Experts will review your current content marketing strategies and schedule a one on one call to discuss the same with you. This review will help your marketing team mend mistakes and come up with a powerful strategy to take Admissions head on.  If you are not sure about our capabilities, go ahead and read our education marketing blog and we are sure you will realize the difference.

Education Marketing Services
Content Marketing for Education Sector
Content Marketing for Education Sector
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Content Marketing Service to boost digital presence. Brochure, Website, Social Media and Ad Copy Services for Educational Institutions.



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