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Engaging your audience beyond social media is not just essential for you to generate quality admission leads but also to establish your Education Institution’s Brand over the years to come. Social Media is a cost effective way to reach out to your audience and establish your Brand. However, it is not the simplest. One needs to constantly generate quality content and engage. It is a two way communication. We have had several clients come to us and say Social Media does not work. Frankly, they are correct.

If you mindlessly post inspirational quotes and expect to generate leads, increase engagement and establish a Brand, we are sure even you know it will not happen.

At IOS Ignite, we help our clients establish Educational Institutions that does not hide from the future but defines it, Institutions with high potential and high ambition, determined to adapt and become enduring winners. We not only take up their Social Media Marketing but also help them form Branding Guidelines which can be implemented across various offline and traditional channels too.

If you want us to review your current social media marketing strategy, please fill the form along side. If you already have a team and just need some guidance, download our whitepaper on digital marketing trends for Schools and Colleges for 2019. 

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Social Media Marketing Service
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Social Media Marketing Strategies for Education Sector to boost quality admissions and meet long term branding goals.



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