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At IOSIGNITE, we understand recruiting talented students from India for a French College is an herculean task. We have been working with several Indian Universities, Admission Councillors and recruitment portals over the past couple of years. As France is fast becoming a top destination for Higher Education amongst Indian Students, IOSIGNITE has scheduled a visit to Paris. During our visit we will be meeting several universities and colleges which have recently begun courses in English and discuss strategies of establishing their brand in India and increasing enrollment.

Our Chief Rethink Officer, Mr. Jay Bagri, has worked with International Colleges like Drexel University, USA to help establish their Brand in India and improve quality applications. He will be in Paris from the 7th to 9th of March,2019. If you would like to schedule a meeting please fill the form alongside and we shall get in touch with you.

Our Expertise


  • College Tie-ups with Indian Universities 
  • Representation at International Education Expo’s in India 
  • Student Counselling and Recruitment
  • Education Brand Building 
  • Complete Student Assistance (Visa & Application)
  • Lead Generation via Online & Offline

Why Schedule a Meet?


A free one on one session can be scheduled at your college, to discuss recruitment of student from India for courses in English and French. There has been a tremendous increase in the number of Indian Students choosing France as their preferred destination for higher education in the recent years and it presents a great opportunity for French Colleges to improve diversity and attract talented students.



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