International Colleges

In a country with millions of eligible students, it is not always easy to cherry-pick the ones who are most suitable. Similarly, it would be a herculean task for an international college to find out which will be the best admission counselors to tie up with, given that there are thousands of them. Such a task is best left to the experts who have detailed ground knowledge of the education sector in the country. In order to attract students from India, it may be a good idea to enter into strategic partnerships with institutions already operating in the country and having a good reputation within the target student community. Once again, we can provide streamlined assistance in identifying the best institutions in this regard. While online channels for education marketing have rapidly gained prominence in recent years, the traditional, offline channels like education expos or fairs are still quite popular and offer great opportunities for international colleges to establish direct communication with interested students. We can make use of our knowledge of the local student markets to become your eyes and ears at these fairs.

Education Expos

These expos and fairs are ideal for anyone interested in showcasing their college, courses, campus life, and placement records and so on to the target student community. However, India is not exactly a small island the size of a pea – it is huge! Moreover, the large number of regions comes with different cultural connotations and contextual specificities. As a result, it is not feasible for an international college to target each and every eligible student community spread across the country through numerous education expos that are held in each state throughout the year. IOS Ignite can act as your representative in hand-picked expos after doing the necessary background research as to which student communities within the country will be more attuned to your college’s admission goals.