Lead Generation for Colleges

It can get really frustrating when you are running a dedicated campaign for your college, spending lakhs of rupees on paid advertisements only to find out that your conversion rate is low and your cost per lead/admission is unsustainable.

There can be a few reasons for that, one of which is lack of a proper strategy to generate and nurture leads.

At IOSIGNITE we manage over a crore in ad budget on a monthly basis and run ads for several schools and colleges. This gives our team a tremendous edge over other agencies and in-house teams. The data generated is analyzed to assist all clients and of course we’ve got a marketing funnel that has a proven track record!


Landing pages are key components of a good lead generation campaign. This is a page, which can give specific information on a topic of interest, be it admission dates, details about extra-curricular activities or student-teacher ratio, is the answer to your problem.

A landing page, or the page where a potential customer lands after clicking on a link, can help you capture and convert leads into sales. It directs clients to a specific offer or service and encourages them to take action. 

Unlike web pages, which typically have many offers and multiple options to explore, landing pages are crafted with a single focus or goal.

Without a landing page, the probability of confusion and ambiguity only increases, and, in effect, reduces the site visit-to-query and query-to-admission rate.


Customized landing pages can reduce lead costs by upto 87% by increasing impression share and conversion rate.


What do you get?

Our lead generation bundle is not limited to managing your Google and Facebook ads. It all starts with building a media plan. A detailed spread sheet that predicts outcomes based on our target region, audience and ad budget. This gives both the school and agency a road map to achieve the targets.

The next step is building ad specific landing pages for the campaign – so each audience comes to page with the information most relevant to them. Finally, we build the communication funnel for the messages and emails one would receive after leaving an enquiry.

Success to us is not the number of leads generated but the no. of admissions done.


Media Plan for Lead Generation for Colleges

A daily reporting sheet is shared with the client, so they are on top of the campaign. A monthly CMO report is shared at the end of every month which is a snapshot of the progress. These standardizations help the campaign stay on track and everyone on the top of the entire campaign.

Lead Generation Report

Below services are included in all our lead generation bundles –

  • Media planning before the start of the campaign
  • Ad copies and creatives for all platforms
  • Landing page design and development
  • Daily and monthly reporting
  • Dedicated campaign manager
  • Emails/Whatsapp/SMS content for nurturing


CBIT Hyderabad
AAFT University, Raipur
Monash University
Tiffin University
Chinmaya Vishwavidyapeeth
Nitte Meenakshi Institute of Technology
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