Classplus: Shaping Coaching Ecosystem in India

Classplus caters to building products for the future of the coaching ecosystem in India. The focus is on bringing together multiple utilities of a coaching center to a single platform. For schools struggling to incorporate technology into their scheme of things and provide education to their students, it might be a good idea to collaborate with the likes of Classplus for their own survival in the times of Covid-19. 

How does the EdTech Startup help coaching institutes? 

Be it the online test portal to the video platforms for sharing educational content, or the online store aimed at monetizing educational content; Classplus serves as the single go to app for coaching institutes. Especially in the times of Covid-19 when the world seems to be moving towards a hybrid model of learning. 

Classplus is designed to redefine classroom engagement in India. With the core philosophy that a student’s learning curve should be personalized, the mission is to make a tutor’s task simpler along with enabling a parent to monitor their kids’ growth. Considering that it’s extremely important to remain updated to the growing demands of the coaching sector, the company seeks to provide state-of-the-art solutions using state-of-the-art technology. 


The Brand Impact in the EdTech startup ecosystem 

Classplus has served over 5,00,000+ users with a family of 3000+ tutors in more than 50 cities in India. Backed by serial entrepreneurs and venture capitalists, Classplus is all set to shape the future of the coaching sector in India.      

Based on the in-depth experience which IOSIGNITE, a multidisciplinary education marketing agency, has had while working with both Indian and international schools and colleges, Classplus looks like a one-stop solution for all coaching institutes and tutors.  

Get in touch with Classplus

If you wish to explore our portfolio on Education Marketing or wish to get a free one on one consultation for your school or college you can reach IOSIGNITE at [email protected]

Classplus: Shaping Coaching Ecosystem in India
Article Name
Classplus: Shaping Coaching Ecosystem in India
Classplus caters to building products for the future of the coaching ecosystem in India.
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June - 1,2020 | Posted by: Iosignite



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