PROSOC: Designing Innovative Products for Students and Society

Incorporated in 2015, PROSOC (which stands for Products for Society) Innovators Pvt. Ltd. is a for-profit social enterprise. It intends to empower people at the bottom of the pyramid by designing and developing innovative products and services of social importance. 

How does the Ed-Tech startup helps students?

Prayaas, an IIT Kanpur initiative for providing education to marginalized students in and around the campus, became a breeding ground for the ideation of the first product of PROSOC. The founder, Mr. Eshan Sadasivan, while volunteering at Prayaas, discovered a gap that existed in the current education ecosystem in India, 

Most students in India don’t have access to basic infrastructure, such as chairs and tables to study. We came up with a product by the name of DESKIT, a school bag with an attached study table. This allows students to sit in a good posture while studying and write in a comfortable manner”.

Emphasizing upon the importance of keeping the material of DESKIT as durable and strong, Eshan says, 

Considering that students will use the bags in a rough manner, we intended to design the product such to be durable for a minimum of 2 academic cycles”.

Speaking about bringing together different stakeholders, Eshan says, 

In order to ensure that impact was maximized in an efficient manner, we modeled it around bringing together, CSR partners to fund DESKIT, government schools where it was most needed and NGO partners who could take care of distribution to these schools”.

The Brand Impact in the Ed-Tech startup ecosystem

Having met the needs of over 125 thousand children in around 16 states in India, PROSOC has already started venturing into geographies such as Iraq and Kurdistan and has plans to serve students in Africa and other regions which require it the most. By remaining committed to developing products with social significance, along with DESKIT, PROSOC has been investing in innovation for the past 4 years and intends to come up with new products which can enhance employment opportunities for the underprivileged in our society. 

Based on the in-depth experience which IOSIGNITE, a multidisciplinary education marketing agency, has had while working with both Indian and international schools and colleges, PROSOC seems to be on track to meet the needs of the underprivileged students worldwide. 

Get in touch with PROSOC:

If you wish to explore our portfolio on Education Marketing or wish to get a free one on one consultation for your school or college you can reach IOSIGNITE at [email protected]

PROSOC: Designing Innovative Products for Students and Society
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PROSOC: Designing Innovative Products for Students and Society
PROSOC is a social enterprise aimed at empowering the underprivileged kids with innovative products such as DESKIT.
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February - 6,2020 | Posted by: Iosignite



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