EdTech Startups in the WHO of COVID-19

Even WHO (World Health Organisation) would not have imagined this just a few months back? Schools and colleges dancing to the tunes of a virus named Corona, labelled COVID-19

With the school and college admission season chipping in, the last thing that senior management could have wanted was to figure out a way of ensuring that education is imparted on their campuses or otherwise. That’s where the USP of a school or college is slated to lie, and before it’s too late it might be a good idea to work upon the same. 

Which in turn means, incorporating technology into the scheme of things, be it using Skype, Zoom etc. on which the learning sessions can be hosted for all students. Or collaborating with the likes of Vedantu, Udemy, upGrad, BYJU’s and many more EdTech startups to offer on-demand courses, relevant to the stream of study. 

With schools and colleges choosing to shut their campuses off, considering the impact that COVID-19 can have in a public place, it’s become more a reaction than preparedness on part of institutions offering education worldwide, especially in India. Does it signal that schools and colleges need to plan better, with or without COVID-19?




Plan: Technology and EdTech Startups

  1. Incorporating state-of-the-art technology in their curriculum 
  2. Collaborating with relevant EdTech startups in the ecosystem 

What it does for the schools’ and colleges’ admissions?

  1. Enable them to offer education with a futuristic orientation
  2. Increases the value proposition being offered to the students 
  3. Helps build brand awareness 
  4. Focus on communicating the USPs rather than worrying about admissions every time


The only question being whether or not the educationists have the willingness to act in a flexible manner? COVID-19 being just a case in point where it may act as a trigger to making schools and colleges tread the path of offering futuristic education. And communicating the same to its key stakeholders, be it students, parents or teachers. 

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EdTech Startups in the WHO of COVID-19
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EdTech Startups in the WHO of COVID-19
With COVID-19 affecting the way education is imparted, the article looks into few steps that schools and colleges can take to build their brand awareness and equity.
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March - 19,2020 | Posted by: Iosignite



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