Fortune 500s don’t require a degree for these jobs anymore

If one was a trustee, owner or an administrator of a college, one would be a little concerned about the way things are shaping up in the education ecosystem vis-a-vis the job market. Realizing that it’s ultimately the skill sets that are relevant to the scheme of things in a company, companies have begun focusing on evaluating the skills that a prospective employee might have, rather than solely focusing upon or giving undue weightage to the degree that one tends to hold. 


Considering the above, there is a strong need for decision makers in colleges to ponder over how they are keeping pace with the requirements of the industry. Few questions that they need to think and act upon:

  1. How are jobs evolving in different sectors?
  2. What are the relevant skill sets in the jobs offered by the companies in times to come?
  3. Does their offering, in terms of the variety of courses, mapped to these skills set requirements?
    1. If not, do they have a plan in place to remain relevant for students?
    2. If yes, is their plan futuristic enough to handle the challenges and demands in times to come?
  4. Do they have clarity regarding the requisite skills in their internal ecosystem needed to implement this plan?
    1. If not, are they willing to go beyond their traditional mindset to engage with external agencies, who can charter the path for them?
    2. Have they given it a thought on how they would go about making the plan a success?


With KPMG Report on Online Education 2021, finding that the paid user base, pursuing online education, will grow 6X from 1.6 million users in 2016 to 9.6 million users by 2021, the need of the hour is to move beyond the Curriculum mentality to developing and pursuing a Skill based approach, when it comes to designing the various offerings suited to the needs of different sectors. 

In order to substantiate the importance of changing their outlook, colleges might want to have a look at a few companies (curated by job-search site, Glassdoor) that have already implemented a Skill based approach when it comes to hiring resources in their respective organizations for different job roles.


Job Roles That do not require any  College degree


  1. Google: for job roles such as product manager, software engineer etc. one doesn’t need to have any formal degree. As long as you can crack the interviews and tests you can start of with a big fat paycheck!
  2. Penguin Random House: for job roles such as marketing designer, production assistant Penguin Random House does not ask for a degree. 
  3. Hilton: for job roles such as event manager, housekeeper and several other positions do not require any hotel management degree. 
  4. Apple: for job roles such as design verification engineer, engineering project manager seeks only inspired candidates with a vision and eye for detail. A formal education is not a must for holding these posts at the company.
  5. Starbucks: for job roles such as shift supervisor, store manager no high school or college degree is required.  
  6. IBM: for job roles such as financial blockchain engineer, contract and negotiation professional need no formal education. Infact for jobs like Financial Blockchain engineer their is no course out there that colleges are offering.
  7. Bank of America: for job roles such as client service representative, executive assistant do not need any degree.

These are some major firms that are bringing about this change. From the above list you will notice that these jobs are spread across a variety of sectors and designations. This should be a warning bell. Most of the companies in the list above are leaders in their sector and known for embracing change first. These are clear warning signs for colleges who have not yet begun to change. You have less than a decade before many of your current offerings might not have any takers!

High Paying Jobs that do not require a college degree
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High Paying Jobs that do not require a college degree
Several Companies across sectors do not require applicants to have a college degree for many of their high paying jobs. What does this mean for the Colleges & Universities? Should they be concerned.
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