OLLIT: Creating a generation of Environmentally Conscious Students

A 5-year personal stint of the founder, Ms. Nandini Cholaraju with nature and trekking in mountains gave birth to OLLIT (One Life Live It) in 2015 in the city of Bangalore. The experiences and learning were curated into educational, leisure, adventure and cultural tours. 

How does the Ed-Tech startup helps students?

After working with various corporations over a period of 2 years, Nandini decided to work with children in schools intended at bringing them closer to nature. The aim was to instill a sense of belonging, while introducing a unique learning pattern where the child feels connected to the immediate and extended environment. Realizing that when one is deeply connected to something, tends to develop a natural inclination to protect and preserve, Nandini aspires to create a generation of environmentally conscious citizens. 

OLLIT partners with schools to execute customized experiential educational programs for children from Kindergarten to grade 12th. Outdoor activities such as trekking, bicycle riding and rock climbing are used to bring about learning experiences. 

This is followed up with a reflection process where the participants delve into better understanding the learning experiences and where these can be applied in their day-to-day lives. With responsible tourism as the basis, travel tours are also organized on Indian culture, art and history in association with archaeologists, historians and local people who have immense knowledge about the subject and the region e.g. The Shepherd Trail (inspired from the nomadic shepherds of Himachal, Ladakh, Uttarakhand and Kashmir), Living with the Tribes (exposure to indigenous tribal culture) etc. 

The Brand Impact in the Ed-Tech startup ecosystem

Focusing on inculcating a sense of wonder among children of grades 1 to 3, a sense of exploration from grades 4 to 6 and a sense of inquiry from grades 7 to 10 via different activities, OLLIT aspires to build a school community whose children develop passion for life and compassion for all living beings. 

Based on the in-depth experience which IOSIGNITE, a multidisciplinary education marketing agency, has had while working with both Indian and international schools and colleges, OLLIT looks like a one-stop solution for building a strong bond between children and environment, thereby leading to creation of a generation of environmentally conscious citizens.

Get in touch with OLLIT:

Email : [email protected], [email protected]

If you wish to explore our portfolio on Education Marketing or wish to get a free one on one consultation for your school or college you can reach IOSIGNITE at [email protected]

OLLIT: Creating a generation of Environmentally Conscious Students
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OLLIT: Creating a generation of Environmentally Conscious Students
One Life Live It (OLLIT) is an initiative to create a generation of environmentally conscious citizens through an experiential based intervention and natural exposure to students at the school level.
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February - 13,2020 | Posted by: Iosignite



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