Welcome onboard INSD India’s leading design school

At INSD, one of the premier designing institutes in India, head quartered in New Delhi, they believe that every student deserves an opportunity to express themselves creatively and make their designs world famous. But unfortunately, there are very few institutes, where trends are set and not just merely followed.

This is where INSD stands apart. They provide wings with a difference to the aspirations of young designers who get to enhance their expertise and eventually, transform into a pool of creative geniuses and technically competent professionals who end up competing with the best in the world.

“A good education is one that listens to you. It engages you. It is a life-changing and transformational experience, with honesty and integrity, and the International School of Design stands for these principles,” said Mr. Sunjey Aggarwal, Founder & CEO of INSD. “Our academic practices lead to future possibilities that are aplenty. Here at the International School of Design, we explore new emerging dimensions in learning, and leave behind a legacy our communities can truly appreciate. We can proudly say that INSD is a now a pioneer in envisioning and evolving design education in the country through a national network of several professionally managed training centres.”

INSD has partnered with IOSIGNITE, to help them establish and communicate to the World their vision and passion. IOSIGNITE over the course of next few months will focus on Short term goals of the School before launching a full fledged campaign and a design change later in August/September. The campaign roll out will include a new look for the Website, Social Media Platforms, Merchandise and Print Collateral. Below is a glimpse of whats in store and the first layout of the strategy INSD and IOSIGNITE are working on.


Students of INSD will now be known as INsDIANS | New INSD Manifesto

insd outdoor branding

Who Will? INSDIANS Will.


College Website first look

First Look of Dept. Page of the new Website


Merchandise Design for Colleges

“IOSIGNITE could not be more excited to begin association with INSD to help raise awareness for a wonderful design school that has been doing great work since a decade and has exciting growth plans for the near future. Working with a design school also pushes our creative juices. I am excited to see the campaign roll out soon as it will be unmatched to anything the Indian Education Space has experienced.” said Jay Bagri, Chief Rethink Officer at IOSIGNITE.

For more information about the college, visit http://www.insd.edu.in/

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IOSIGNITE welcomes INSD to the Client family
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IOSIGNITE welcomes INSD to the Client family
INSD is a top design school head quartered in Delhi. As INSD begins new international initiatives they have chosen IOSIGNITE to help them communicate their vision to the World. IOSIGNITE will be redesigning their new look and rework their corporate communication.
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