Mangalam Pipes Nepal National Anthem Campaign

Client: Mangalam Pipes

Background: Mangalam Pipes is a 10 year old reputed brand under the umbrella of Mangalam Industries. Mangalam Industries was set up in 2009 with the vision of becoming the leading manufacturer of building materials in Nepal. Mangalam’s undying commitment towards quality assurance has helped it win the respect of both business partners and end-users. Currently, they are increasing their production capacities, which is the felt need to up their brand equity.

Expectation: A digital-lead brand campaign that leaves a positive impact with its TG.

Snapshot: After centuries of monarchy, Nepalis have paid for their democracy and republic status with their lives in a more than 10 year long civil war. May 29, 2008 is when the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal came into being.

The national anthem of Nepal, “Sayau thuga phulka” [Made of Hundreds of Flowers] was officially adopted on 3 August, 2007, a year before Nepal turned into a Republic State. Written by poet Pradeep Kumar Rai, and composed by Late Amber Gurung, it has been ranked 3rd in the most amazing national anthems of the world by BBC in 2016.

Concept: Nepal’s Largest Ever National Anthem Feat

The objective was to create a crowd sourced national anthem video for Nepal, where every Nepali joins in.
The backbone of the campaign was the online engagement that enables the people of Nepal to upload a video of themselves singing the national anthem to a pre-recorded music track, which was finally stitched together in one video, given above.

The idea behind the initiative was simple – to get all Nepalis, irrespective of caste, age, gender, creed and religion – to rally for a cause that is already close to their hearts. It was intended to come across as a public service/awareness initiative from Mangalam’s end.


This was a cause that people rallied for. Over 6000 people recorded their video on the microsite These videos were shared on Instagram and Facebook. The final video was shot with 60 participants. The video has been viewed by over 3,00,000 people with 1,00,000 full video views  within the first 24 hours of launch. On Facebook alone it generated over 1000 shares and has engaged 30,000 people. The video has also been picked up by two news publications of Nepal and shared by several bloggers.

Final Video shot across the country with 60 real participants. 

Microsite created for the campaign launched in the month of April

Creatives for online and offline advertisements 

Paras, Captain Nepal Cricket Team’s video appeal

Teaser Video before the campaign began



Creative Director: Upal Roychowdhary

Video Director: Drono Acharya

Technical Expertises: Rapidmind Solutions

Communication Specialist: Kisholoy Mukherjee

Designer: Oyshi Mukherjee

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