Use Quora to Ignite Admissions in 2019

Did you know your faculty could be great marketing tools for the college online in 2019? Get your faculty on quora and see your college’s marketing effort soar. I was googling for insights on SEO techniques for colleges and got a bunch of Quora answers. Some of the answers were really good. Before I knew it I had spent hours on Quora and ended up reading blogs of writers with good answers.

What is Quora?

Quora is a social Question and Answer website. The very definition of Quora should be enough to pull teachers and professors who love to gain and impart knowledge hooked on to it! Launched in 2009, today Quora gets more than 100 unique hits daily.


Most of Quora’s users are located in India! The age range is broad, however over 90% of Indian users are in the age group of 13- 34 of which 60% are of the age of less than 24.


Number of Indians on Quora


Furthermore most Quorans are far more educated than the average Internet user.


marketing and branding for colleges


Do you need any more reasons for your college to include Quora on your social media strategy list? Okay, so here’s more.

Quora is the greatest source of UGC (User Generated Content) Users ask question at the rate of 6000 questions a day, but the real burst of content comes from the answers! Some of the answers are over 5000 words complete with graphics and charts. Now, there could be a question on you too! Like this one


quora marketing


Similar question and answers on courses, life on campus, experiences from college life and so on have been asked on Quora with hundreds of answers from students & alumni. Some answers generate thousands of upvotes and share. The answer below on “What should a first year CSE student do in the 40 days holiday before starting of 2nd year? Has over 3000 upvotes and shared multiple times.


quora ads


These answers can be shared on other platforms by the author or anyone who is reading it. With such a powerful platform to share your views and get it out to genuine leads you must wonder why is your faculty still not on it!

Some questions get over 100+ answers and if relevant you must answer these questions. The Picture below shows a question with 100+ answers. If a college had an official strategy in place they could have generated several leads from a question like this and reached out to over 10,000 users.


College marketing through quora


Now that we have established Quora can help your overall social media strategy, let us get into How does one convince your faculty to be on Quora and actively participate.

It’s Addictive

There are several reasons why we have a strong reason to believe that once introduced to the platform faculty will take on to it without excessive push. This is because teachers as I earlier mentioned love to learn, teach and express opinions. Topics range from Astro Physics to History to Bollywood gossips so each teacher can find their topic of interest and with their expertise knowledge in their field they could easily rise to becoming the most read author.

It will help build their personal brand

Quora answers have been quoted by established blogs and social media content developers like BUZZ FEED and others on a regular basis. Also everyone interested in the topic start following good authors. This helps the teachers establish their own personal brand and get noticed in their community.

What’s in it for the college?

The more your faculty writes on Quora the more referral traffic you are bound to get on your college website. If you carefully track your Quora referral traffic they are bound to generate meaningful leads. Some of the answers make for a great tweet on twitter. Good informative answers make for a great content on both twitter and some times on LinkedIn and Facebook.

The great thing of Quora is that it is free, there is no money involved in making your answer trend and so on and so forth, hence more quality answers your faculty produces the more limelight your college gets!

Have you used Quora for your College/Schools marketing needs? Want us to review your digital media marketing strategy? Click here and get in touch with our experts.

How to use Quora for your College
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How to use Quora for your College
A step by Step guide to get your faculty to start using Quora and improve your School/ Colleges Social and Digital presence. Quora is a powerful Social Media Platform to attract quality students.
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