Top 10 Indian EdTech Startups to Watch for in 2020

First Indian EdTech startup that made it big? Any guesses?

Probably, BYJU’s. A revolution started thereafter which resulted in a substantial growth of EdTech companies in India. A report by Google and KPMG suggests that the Indian Online Education Market will grow to $2 billion by 2021. 

Let us look at the top 10 Indian EdTech Startups slated to transform the education ecosystem in 2020. 


It is one of fastest growing platforms helping students to crack government exams in India. Founded in 2016, the EdTech Startup caters to more than 40 million users in a year. 

According to recent rankings the app has been ranked #1 among all EdTech apps being used in India. The app has had over 1 million aspirants visiting their YouTube platforms, namely Bankersadda, Teachersadda, SSCadda and CareerPower







With a fundamental philosophy of catering to Indian parents’ aspirations of holistic development and a successful career for their kids, the EdTech startup enables students to meet the challenges of the real world. The platform aspires to bridge the gap that exists between classroom learning and the real world. 

With an add-on curriculum in place, the EdTech startup brings real life experiences and situations inside the classroom to be worked upon by the students. This enables the creation of a platform for students to apply themselves to tread the path of becoming innovative problem solvers. 







The EdTech startup prepares the youth in colleges to meet the challenges of the future job requirements via offering post graduate diplomas, certification courses, conducting training and workshops. With Data Science, Blockchain, IOT and Cloud Computing gaining grounds, it prepares the students to meet the expectations of Industry 4.0. 

Incorporating practical business cases with sound theory, the curriculum prepares the students by developing future proof skills. The courses are cutting-edge and are offered in collaboration with industry thought leaders, technology and academic partners.  







With a dream to enable every student having a fair shot at the IIT JEE and other engineering exams, the EdTech startup wants to break the myth of being tough to crack associated with exams in the country. With proper guidance and collaboration anything can be achieved. 

Instead of venturing into places like Kota, Bangalore etc. considered to be the hubs of coaching centers, the founder IITians decided to bring the classroom to their doorsteps. Thereby, enabling IITians and aspirants to connect on the same platform via online classroom coaching sessions, discussion forums and test series. 







Sticking to the belief that everyone is creative by nature and needs an instruction free environment to blossom, the self led open learning space provides students a platform to explore the creativity within. Set up in a beautiful natural landscape, the platform is most relevant for students of parents who aspire their kids to explore life.  

Following a 3 pronged approach of connecting through interactive experiences, collaborating & not really competing; and creating lets students explore the hidden creativity. As Mark Twain has said, “I’ve never let my school interfere with my creativity”, the startup is a fantastic platform for inculcating creativity and innovation among students. 








Career counselling has always played an important role in enabling students to make an informed choice in life. The EdTech startup intends to be the one-stop destination for students to make a sensible career choice. 

From conducting psychometric tests and providing information on courses that might suit the respective student, the startup handholds a student from his/her early years to becoming a successful professional. Acting as a friend, philosopher and guide to the students, the EdTech startup focuses on building a culture of scientific approach to choosing one’s career.  








In a world, where coaching institutes have become the go-to platform for students preparing themselves for the challenges ahead, the EdTech startup is a complete institute management system. From student attendance and lectures to conducting online tests, the app looks into operational aspects of an institute. 

Aimed at building products catering to the future of coaching institutes, the EdTech startup provides a single platform taking care of various aspects of managing a coaching institute. With 3000+ tutors on the platform, the platform has catered to more than 5,00,000 users in 50+ cities in India. 







Referred to as the “student’s best friend”, the EdTech startup enables informed decision-making on part of the students regarding the choice of college one wants to get admission in. Currently, the colleges and universities of national importance are being covered on the platform. 

Guided by the basic philosophy, “shoot for the moon, even if you miss, you will land among the stars”, the EdTech startup focuses on providing the requisite details in due course of time. Realizing that hard work and commitment is what it takes to succeed in life, the platform aims to aspire students to make one of these institutes their home in times to come. 

College Admissions






Aimed at providing world class learning experience to students in K-12 schools, the EdTech startup wants to make education affordable and accessible to all. With dynamics of education changing worldwide, it aspires to bring contemporary technologies to the grass root levels in every school. 

Focused on enabling schools for learning in the 21st century, the EdTech startup intends to provide every student equal opportunity to progress, irrespective of demography or financial status. Incorporating Artificial Intelligence (AI), Natural Language Processing (NLP) and other state-of-the-art technologies such as Augmented Reality-Virtual Reality (AR-VR), the startup enables learning in the most engaging way. 

K12 Education







Education Revolution (EduRev) aspires to provide the highest quality of education at an affordable rate to all students. For doing so, the EdTech startup brings together quality teachers and a smart & social platform to create an enjoyable experience of learning for students. 

The platform claims to provide the best collateral in the form of notes, videos and tests for the quintessential examinations such as NEET, JEE, CAT, GMAT, UPSC and many more. The EdTech startup claims to provide a perfect educational platform for students to compete, discuss and collaborate, thereby enabling better learning outcomes. 






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Top 10 Indian EdTech Startups to Watch for in 2020
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Top 10 Indian EdTech Startups to Watch for in 2020
The article looks at the top 10 Indian EdTech Startups slated to transform the education ecosystem in 2020. 
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