Psychopedia: Training students to manage their psychological needs

Founded in 2015, by the then 23-year-old Ms. Aashna Narula, Psychopedia is a one of its kind psychology training institute in Chandigarh.  Considering the increasing number of suicides among students and youth in India, Psychopedia comes as an antidote to depressive tendencies among the youth and enables them to carve out a successful career in life. 

How does the Ed-Tech startup helps students?

Apart from organizing workshops, Psychopedia conducts coaching for students at high school, undergraduate, masters and UGC levels using various psychotherapeutic approaches. Combining the love for teaching and psychology and aimed at helping people deal with stress and anxiety, the workshops are founded on the scientific principles e.g. Colour me Calm workshop uses psychodynamic principles for Art Therapy, Soul Connect uses Cognitive Behavioural therapy and counselling. 

In this journey of 4 years, through its philosophy of interactive and involved learning, Psychopedia has enabled numerous success stories in the city of Chandigarh, be it getting full marks in CBSE Board exams or helping students to crack UGC-NET exam. Psychopedia’s influence is not just transactional in nature and goes beyond to act as friend, philosopher and guide to students and their parents. 

Realizing that the journey has just begun for Psychopedia, it has plans to venture into sports and in the domain of education for special students. Being a socially responsible entity, Psychopedia’s Little Rogers initiative is to work with underprivileged students for their wellbeing. 

The Brand Impact in the Ed-Tech startup ecosystem

With a strong belief, that everyone can manage their emotions and lead a happy and meaningful life, Ms. Aashna Narula, also an author of children’s book, A happy book-raising positive children, brings together the elements of Learn, Train and Heal to create a significant impact in lives of students and their parents. 

Based on the in-depth experience which IOSIGNITE, a multidisciplinary education marketing agency, has had while working with both Indian and international schools and colleges, Psychopedia seems to be the one-stop solution to meet psychological needs of the students along with their parents. 

Get in touch with Psychopedia

If you wish to explore our portfolio on Education Marketing or wish to get a free one on one consultation for your school or college you can reach IOSIGNITE at [email protected]

Psychopedia: Training students to manage their psychological needs
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Psychopedia: Training students to manage their psychological needs
Psychopedia is a one-of-its-kind psychology training institute which enables students and parents to manage their psychological needs.
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January - 30,2020 | Posted by: Iosignite



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