Unifying a School

Increase enrollment and build pride by unifying a school


The school, consistently was performing well year on year and over 60% of the batch were securing 90 or above in CBSE. Despite this the enrollments over the years had not picked up. Enrollements of this 7 year old school were stagnant for the past 4 years. After a few group studies we were able to pin point the problem. A lot of parents in the region were not focused on academics but deeply cared whether traditional values being instilled in their children. They also considered it to be only the school’s responsibility to do so. The Marketing and Communications department of the school along with IOSIGNITE took on the arduous task of working toward solving this.

The result, a creative concept known as “I am Presidency”, not only gave Presidency bold messaging and a strategy designed to stand out, but more importantly unifyied the currrent students and parents by answering the essential question of ‘who we are’.

Rolling Out the Campaign

Presidency School Campaign


Brand Messaging Platform

The goal of the I am Presidency enrollment campaign was to acknowledge that we all need to have certain qualities have one life to live, and that we choose how to spend it. For students who want to shape their lives to successful as human beings regardless of the career we choose. Presidency School’s Value based Learning is there to challenge and guide them to do just that. The campus provides an environment to reflect and connect with nature, classmates, faculty, and the local community, all the while learning and growing alongside some of the most gifted students and athletes in the country. Special Classes were introduced to help children understand the importance of qualities like honesty, respect, empathy and so on.


Taking It All In

We spent a full week on campus meeting students, parents and other stake holders. Understanding the School from their point of view. We assessed the campus and marked out areas for beautification and future photo/video shoots. We worked with the faculty to develop an extra class which helped instill habits and qualities that our students should reflect.


Print & Digital

The creative showcases ten different adjective combinations that help describe the characteristics that Presidency students exhibit. As a student, you’re taught to be Adventurous, Passionate, Honest, Sincere, Joyful, Respectful, Polite, Creative, Confident, Grounded. Thoughtful.  Through these character traits, you truly become Presidency.

Billboard Design School Admissions

school admission advertisment

Leaflet design school admissions Back


school cricket t shirt

Billboard Design School Admissions

school flyer design Launch Event

We worked with GreenGold Media to get Chhota Bheem and the gang on campus to inaugerate the I am Presidency Campaign. The event was attended by over 400 non-presidency school parents and the total attandance of non presidency school folks reached 1400. The campus tour desk give 61 tours during the day long event. A total footfall of 1800 people was estimated.

Jay Bagri, Chief Rethink Officer at IOSIGNITE said, “Chhota Bheem embodies the spirit of a the model student that the school aspires to create. Confident, strong, at easy in every situation, rooted and loveable – these are the traits why kids and adults love Chhota Bheem. And these are the traits we want to see in students of Presidency.”

Mr. G.S Singhvi, Chairman, Presidency School said, ” Education, today, has become a rat-race of numbers, degrees, well-paying jobs and high-flying careers. But is it enough? As teachers and parents we need to ask ourselves what is it that we are pushing our kids into. Is this happiness or is this an illusion of happiness?

While numbers and a well-paying career matters, what is more important is the values we pick up in our formative years? These values will stay with us longer than our marksheet and degrees. They will help us navigate through the complex world of desires, duties and demand.

Presidency School, Ajmer believes there is no value in numbers if education is not value-based. The school, has always focused on nurturing human and traditional values. It’s another matter that the school has been doing well in the education front also.

Values cannot be taught. They are inculcated through a daily way of live, the students go through within the campus. Through academics, sports, cultural activities our students immerse themselves in a total education that teaches them core values of humanity like, love, compassion, teamwork and hardwork among others.”



190% increase in Walk Ins


63% increase in inquiries


46% increase in applications


Creative Director: Upal Roychowdhary

Art Director: Subroto Kar

Copy Writer: Saakshi Dutta

Photographer: Indranil Bhoumik

Account Manager: Rashi Aggarwal

Presidency School Brand Campaign
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Presidency School Brand Campaign
How IOSIGNITE improved enrollment for Presidency School and worked on their Brand Campaign
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