Multi College SEO

Multi College SEO

Does your college website already rank well for a large number of keywords, but leaves you looking to expand into more competitive search territories to increase admission in certain locations? For such colleges, IOS provides multi college SEO pricing for increased search visibility in the most competitive marketing. Our Multi College Level SEO service can provide you:

  • Custom keyword targeting packages for highly competitive phrases
  • A dedicated account team of 5 or more members with a proven track record of strategic, enterprise level SEO services
  • A comprehensive website SEO audit, including aggressive initial and monthly copywriting services and link building techniques, to fit within the scope of your competitive keyword targeting.


Number of keywords optimized
(Keyphrases with less than 30M results)

Dedicated account team
(3 or more members of strategic team)

Entire website SEO audit

Entire website audit implementation

Initial copywriting

Monthly copywriting

Initial content links

Monthly content links

Initial infographic

Initial infographic promotion

Developed link bait pieces - intial

Developed link bait pieces - quarterly

Initial web analytics audit & strategy

Web analytics strategy & reporting

Social media strategy

Request proposal for additional propietary process

Initial Cost (2 months):

Monthly fee:


INR 85,000

Payable Every Month


50 Pages

15 Pages





Rs 2,00,000

Rs 85,000

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