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Maintaining a social media presence for your school today is critical not only to fill your seats but to fill them with them with students who are a perfect fit for your school.  No presence or worse a mechanical presence on networking websites could mean that you are missing out on connecting with like-minded parents who are looking for a school like yours. 

Yes, your neighbourhood knows you exist, and you’ve been around for decades but that doesn’t necessarily mean they know about your teaching methodologies, successes and other achievements. 

Word of caution

  • Parents may look for reviews on social media and end up empty-handed
  • Your competitors will get hold of a parent’s attention sooner 
  • Other forms of advertisement can never match up to social media in terms of reach 
  • Low awareness can lead to slower and inhibited growth

Social Media Strategy that works

After working with several schools across the country and globally we’ve perfected social media strategies that truly work for schools and can be stream-lined to transform all the energy present on the campus to the digital platforms. Weather it is an Instagram reel or a Youtube short or a long form post on LinkedIn, we understand what works and where your audience is.


More than 95% of schools in India continue to treat social websites as notice boards and then wonder why it doesn’t work for them



Clever use of social media can build your school’s reputation and drive admissions. Besides, you can share updates and make announcements without having to send individual texts or leaflets to parents. After your website, your social pages are your biggest digital assets. 

Upshots of social media marketing

  • Global exposure
  • Increased brand awareness
  • More traffic to school website
  • Better reach and engagement
  • Aware parents, students and faculty

Social Media Weekly Report for Schools

instagram strategy for schools

Over the years we’ve been able to develop processes that help schools & colleges to not only become active on the platforms but really benefit from it – by creating awareness, involving the community and spreading the word. Our social media calendar, scheduling and reporting is tailored to the preferences of schools – hence there is no confusion or delay even when we are posting in real time!


Single School SMM

Rs. 50K onwards

Online School SMM

Rs. 75K onwards

Multi School SMM

(Request Quote)

Manage upto 3 platforms Manage upto 5 platforms Manage upto 3 platforms
4 unique posts a week  5 unique posts a week 4 unique posts a week
1 reel/story a week 2 reels/stories a week 2 reel/story a week
20 comments/week 75 comments / week 75 comments / week
Manage inbox Manage inbox Manage inbox
1 campaign per quarter 1 campaign + 1 ama per quarter 1 Campaign per quarter
1 Fb / LinkedIn group management Additional services on request


Sample Social Media Report for Schools

Learning Paths School
Brookfield International School
MM School Raipur
21K School
Amalorpavam School
Sandipani School, Nagpur
Presidency School, Kishangarh
Ganges Valley School, Hyderabad
Casagrand International School Chennai
Sapphire International School Noida
Download School Social Media Calendar

A social media calendar can help you become consistent and improve engagement. Get 20 social media post ideas with the calendar

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